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YES (Youth, Empowerment, SDGs)
to Change

Check out our projects below!

Lecture Series


The Lecture Series is a lecture/interactive session that are held for each of the SDGs:  #1, #2, #3, #5, #8, #11, #13, #16, and #17. The session are divided into two parts: guest lecture on the SDG and a mini hackathon where students will have to form a team to draft a policy memo.

SDG Hackathon

The Policy Hackathon is essentially a platform where students interested in the SDG gather up and draft/present solutions for the given prompts. However, to differentiate this project from MUNs, we will to take those resolutions and help the participants put their projects to play.


SDG Mentorship Program

The SDG Mentorship Program is a 1:1 10-week-long program held between a mentor and a student. The student will immerse in a 10-week-long intensive education on the SDGs and develop their own ideas/projects to tackle the SDG they are interested in.


Alongside several original projects and programs, we host pop-up workshops during conferences hosted by our partner organizations to promote our initiative and mission to advance our work on the SDGs.

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