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The Program department builds and develops original programs and curriculums for Microphone Initiative events and for partner organizations. Since 2021, the Program department created over 9 SDG curriculums and developed 4 programs.​

For example, the Program Department developed the 9 SDG curriculums, outline for the SDG Mentorship Program, all materials for workshops, etc.


The Policy department is a recent addition to the Microphone Initiative. This department seeks to foster relationships with education departments, including schools to integrate our programs. Additionally, we seek to work with domestic and international policymakers to develop an SDG curriculum.​

For example, the Policy Department forged several valuable relationships with organizations such as StateofYouth.

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The Executive team consists of 8 members from South Korea, the United States, Dubai, Indonesia, India, and the Philippines. This team leads and overlooks all operations within the Microphone Initiative. From a one-man job to a team led by 8 Gen-Z students, the Executive team achieved several milestones throughout a year: Rise Global Winning Project, 501(c)(3) status, 12+ partnerships, 80+ members, 4 programs, 500+ students, etc. The team is progressively growing and looks forward to expand in numbers and diversity.

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Education Department

The Education department heads all Microphone Initiative events, including webinars, workshops, programs, conferences, and more. From 2021 to 2022, the Education department has reach over 500 students from 25 countries. ​

For example, the Education Departments hosted and/or led events, such as the UN SDG Summit, pop-up SDG workshops, SDG Mentorship Program, Sino-Indian Youth Dialogue. 

More coming soon...


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